by Lina (inspired by #simpplr)

Oh, corporate communication — it’s like finding your company’s Ikigai! It takes time but the balance you find does miracles! Right?

I will be honest, I am a believer in Corporate Communication and its purpose. Believer in how starting building company image, creating internal & external paths, how in the era of digital transformation and Social Media lava maintaining a positive reputation, strong employees brand identities you will have a strong impact for your brand.

In my opinion, balanced Corporate Communication is like a perfect open window for the summit on Mount Everest that happens once a year. Everyone is happy, passionate, in love with the goal in front, ready to climb and support the team at the same time pursuing their dreams. Internal communication in such a journey is as important as messages outside to be sure all is done on time and smoothly.

How does Corporate Communication Work or What Should We Focus on?

I would love to say with LOVE and PASSION for Your Job but actually, it is a bumpy road to go when You start from scratch. :) There are many theories now about how corporate communication is evolving and changing but I would exclude the TOP 4 parts as a must while getting all in one direction.

NUMBER ONE >> Brand Credibility (Corporate Reputation)

We all agree that identity is what sets the organization apart from others and also it all comes back to the reputation. Brand credibility is based on the trustworthiness, transparency, and expertise that a company promises based on the usage of their product or services.

With the hit of the hurricane ‘Social Media’- ‘reputation’ needs to be constantly balanced out and taken care of, cause it’s not anymore only about the core values and expertise, it’s also about TEAM values, their growth, and their brand identity.

NUMBER TWO >> Brand Talent

The second in the TOP 4, the talents we chose for our companies. Let’s be honest the company will be successful as long as the people who work there. Investment into team growth is what companies time to time pass on employees themselves. But I will be straight the more You are part of Your team’s growth, nurturing their talents — the bigger support you will have in the path of your company reputation and strong brand identity creation.

NUMBER THREE >> Employee Engagement.

Oh, that’s a tricky one!

‘Internal engagement from the top down is vital in any organization’s success.’- says SIMPPlr. Employees are brand ambassadors who lead the way in external communication with their social reach. And as never before — it is on the TOP of everything.

Providing employees with the right tools and content to share is vital and can often have a direct impact on a company’s financial growth. But more importantly, You need to support the learning curve. For an employee to share a post is one thing but to share with their message might be a tricky task. Why not help out your team to feel more confident online, give some training, some free tools and nurture their creativity,

As an example, at SWISS IM&H we have ‘The Creative Business Writing’ program which supports our students and team members in learning how to write more confidently. Yes, we do mistakes but mistakes are part of the path, part of the growth.

NUMBER FOUR >> Brand Awareness (Corporate Identity)

Branding defines who a company is, what they do, their products/services, and what that means to the public. It’s the task of corporate communication teams to create messaging around the brand and lead its reputation, not only internally but externally as well.

Last but not least, Why do we need to focus on Corporate Communication?

In a crowded and competitive marketplace (which in 2021 is going to be even more aggressive), companies need to have a clear identity that helps reap small and long-term benefits. Customers and even the team stay loyal and feel safe when a company has a secure and consistent brand.

Well, what can I say, good luck in your journey to the top of Mount Everest!

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